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Organic Herbal Bath Tea Sachet


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Product Description

*From Product Site* Steep your stress away in an all organic tea bath. These bath tea sachets, are filled with Raw Dead Sea salt, Chamomile, Roses, Calendula, and Lavender. They smell just as delightful as they look! This floral/herbal combination is one that I used postpartum. It serves as a wonderful option for a sitz bath, which helps to relieve postpartum hemorrhoidal pain, soothe areas of tearing/episiotomy, and aid in faster healing of those tissues. The flowers have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, which are vital in maintaining healthy skin. Calendula and Lavender are known for relieving dry skin conditions as well hampering the growth of fungus. Roses are great for maintaining moisturization and relieving redness. Chamomile is beneficial for skin that irritated by eczema or psoriasis. It also has sedative and pain relieving properties. Dead Sea salt helps detoxify, soften, and provides essential minerals that help retain moisture of the skin. How to use: Hang teabag off of bathtub faucet and allow hot water to flow over it. Or simply toss the teabag into your bath while the tub is being filled. The warmer the water, the better...think of it as preparing a giant cup of tea for your entire body. Feel free to add a few drops of oil to your tub, to boost moisturization. (I like coconut or sweet almond oil) ‚ú≥Just remember to take caution when stepping out, so that you don't slip on the oil. Happy soaking!!

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